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UBC football's Blake Nill is synonymous with success

2 days, 15 hours agoNill began his collegiate career at the University of Calgary, where he played as defensive lineman from 1980 to 1982. He then received a draft into the CFL in 1983, landing with the Montreal Concordes as a 19th overall pick. Nill spent a total of fi

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UBC releases their 2015 animal research statistics

an hour agoRegulatory testing of drugs and medical products encompasses only three-quarters of a per cent of animals used in UBC research. A third of all animals are used in medical and veterinary research to research treatment for disease.

Four faculty members appointed to the Order of Canada in the last year

an hour agoIn the last year, four UBC faculty members have been appointed to the Order, Canada’s highest civilian honour. Approximately 100 Canadians are inducted to the Order with each bi-annual round of appointments, which take place in December and June.

The UBC pride flag burning: a timeline

1 day, 5 hours agoAlmost a year ago, Brooklyn Fink burned down the rainbow pride flag burning in honour of UBC's OUTweek. Most recently, the charges were dropped after Crown Counsel could not find a group or individual to take ownership of the flag.


Sustainability in Fashion: What’s going on and what you can do

59 minutes agoIt’s the new year, so you know what that means — deals, deals, deals. Now I can’t resist a good deal as much as the next person, but I’m finding the affordable accessibility of clothing to be a year-round thing.

4 hours agoI get on the 14 bus departing from UBC. While I sit and wait for us start moving, I am reminded that a woman almost gave birth on a Hastings bus this very morning. I panic. What if it was this bus? What if it was this seat?

4 hours agoHello, lone engineer that stopped to read the culture section. Don't worry, this isn't the wrong newspaper. The science section is a few pages on from here. Don't be scared! Articles about theatre and fashion are not contagious.

5 days, 4 hours agoArchive is “Vancouver's people-powered magazine.” You download their app, which then lets you vote on other users' pictures, while also uploading your own photos to be judged. It's basically Tinder, but for photography!


Why must the women’s basketball team play warm-up for the men?

59 minutes agoWhy can’t the women’s team sometimes play after the men’s team? If your response is “because the men are better,” you haven’t watched enough women’s basketball games and you need an argument that doesn’t belong in the early 1900s.

1 day, 7 hours agoThe second game is where UBC really shined. A reasonable crowd of about 800 people was present for the team’s 102-76 rout of the Golden Bears. The T-Birds even put on a show during warmup, with many of the players displaying some pretty inten

1 day, 7 hours agoThe T-Birds still hold a 13-8 overall record and a 9-3 Canada West record, but they’re still trying to bounce back into the form they were in when they won eight games in a row in the beginning of the season.

1 day, 18 hours ago“For a local meet, it’s really well set up. They’re flying through the attempts, which is always good. You don’t want to be in the back area and waiting around too long in between attempts,” said St. Amond.


Letter: Thank you, UBC, for the best Winter Classic

an hour agoWhoever said UBC doesn’t have school spirit has been wholeheartedly proven wrong by the energy and enthusiasm every single fan brought to the game. So again, from us to you, thank you. Sincerely, The Birdcage

5 days, 21 hours ago“UBC's new president has finally made a controversial decision, and revealed that behind his cute music videos and bow ties is utter contempt for people working against racism and child abuse in Canada.”

1 week agoWe've been fighting with the university for a few years now to try to get access to the rubrics that explain exactly how they grade broad-based admissions. Here's a recap of the whole situation. So what happened?


Our Campus: Bea Subion has an EyeOut for you

4 days, 4 hours agoThe project began as a way for computer science majors Subion and Zhu to fill what they thought was an unmet need for students: a tool to connect with classmates, check past grades for courses and get into preferred sections.

6 days, 4 hours agoThe local scene is so happening that if you went to a show every day of the week, it would be quite some time before you'd have to go back again. So for those of you looking to traverse the comedy rooms of this city, here are some places to start:

1 week, 1 day agoWe spend every day throwing words at you — now it's your turn. Is there something you always thought we should be covering that's gone ignored? A personal slight we've inflicted upon you? Well, here's your chance.

1 week, 2 days ago“When the downtown eastside shows up in the news, we think fentanyl crisis and we think missing women, which we should not ignore. But what we don’t always see is it’s a neighbourhood of brilliant artists.”


SUS to host case competition to solve the world's health problems

an hour agoOn January 18, undergraduate students will participate in the Science Case Competition hosted by the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) and SCI Team, where they will research and devise solutions for a global health crisis.

20 hours ago“I would love it if everyone out there who is voting had some background in evaluating evidence,” said Sara Harris, professor of teaching at UBC, paleo-oceanographer and co-author of Understanding Climate Change: Science, Policy, and Practice.

1 day agoWith the sole exception of some dusting in December, 2015 saw no snow fall whereas 2016 was strikingly opposite. January 2016 recorded a meagre 1 centimetre of snowfall compared to an astonishing 27.40 centimetres in December 2016.

1 day, 1 hour agoHummingbirds are magnificent creatures — they fly at breakneck speeds, move with ninja-like agility and hover. It seems impossible that we could ever understand their movements, but the picture just became a little clearer.