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Review: Love and Information is an impressive achievement

5 hours agoThe structure of the play consists of 59 unconnected scenes, all strung together in rapid-fire succession and sporting 120 characters. There is a frenetic energy that runs through the whole of the play and keeps momentum until the very end.

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Ono announces new senior advisor on China and executive director

9 hours agoOn January 16, UBC President Santa Ono announced the appointment of Julia Wagemakers as executive director in the Office of the President and Dr. Weihong Song as senior advisor to the president on China.

Tipping Point mental health movement to launch student-directed “labs”

1 day, 7 hours agoThe Tipping Point is a mental health initiative that encourages UBC and other post-secondary institutions to better support and accommodate students and their mental health, and the labs are developing directly out of this framework.

New AMS club management software debuts to mixed reviews

2 days agoThe AMS has changed its club management software to Clubhouse after the end of its contract with the previous software, Orgsync. The new software will be more user-friendly and intuitive, according to Chris Scott, AMS VP Administration.


Contest: Redesign Loafe to be fit for humans

4 days, 6 hours agoDo you hate waiting in line at Loafe as much as we do? Of course you do. There are few things more exasperating than being wedged within a crowd of prospective coffee-buyers as you wait for your sandwich to arrive.

6 days, 4 hours agoIt’s the new year, so you know what that means — deals, deals, deals. Now I can’t resist a good deal as much as the next person, but I’m finding the affordable accessibility of clothing to be a year-round thing.

6 days, 7 hours agoI get on the 14 bus departing from UBC. While I sit and wait for us start moving, I am reminded that a woman almost gave birth on a Hastings bus this very morning. I panic. What if it was this bus? What if it was this seat?

6 days, 7 hours agoHello, lone engineer that stopped to read the culture section. Don't worry, this isn't the wrong newspaper. The science section is a few pages on from here. Don't be scared! Articles about theatre and fashion are not contagious.


Tight loss for men's field hockey in first game of 2017

21 hours agoEven with the loss, UBC head coach Kinder Gill was overall impressed by his team’s performance given the team’s current battle with injuries and illness. “I thought our boys played really well. Good effort overall. We were unlucky on a couple of cha

21 hours agoIn the second game, the ’Birds came out on top 4-2 on a come-from-behind win. “It’s huge going into the stretch here. I know [Saskatchewan] is definitely one of the best teams in Canada … and to beat them really gives us insurance going forward,” sa

2 days, 3 hours agoThe spirit of the NewYear gives T-Birds the chance to reflect on both the future and the past. In this edition of the 5-on-5, secrets of the traditional childhood family fishing trip are revealed — the athletes hold nothing back when it comes to th

4 days, 12 hours agoThere is a total of three pools at the new center. The first is a recreational pool meant for the community. In it is a makeshift water basketball court, a lazy river, general play area complete with pool toys, and a large hot tub.


Ask Natalie: Where do all the cool people go?

3 days, 7 hours agoAh, frat parties. Not where I would go for intellectual conversation, but I know from my brief time in the Greek system that at least three houses have dogs and one has a snow cone machine. Good luck and good drinking!

5 days, 11 hours ago"However, the proposal also changes two admissions requirements — the minimum internet-based TOEFL score from 100 to 92 for several programs in the faculty of education, and also from 100 to 90 for the master of music in piano."

6 days, 5 hours agoWhoever said UBC doesn’t have school spirit has been wholeheartedly proven wrong by the energy and enthusiasm every single fan brought to the game. So again, from us to you, thank you. Sincerely, The Birdcage


How does The Pit stack up to other Canadian student bars?

4 days, 7 hours agoThe Pit is known for its Wednesday night “Pit Nights” — a fascinating display of first-years experiencing their first drops of alcohol and student politicians emerging from their offices in a frenzied rage to punish their bodies with hard liquor.

4 days, 7 hours agoAt the beginning of November, Lauren Taylor and a team of students including Alaia Hamer, Edward Dawson, Stefan Zubovic and Sophie Tang began work,on, what would be for many, their largest and most ambitious project to date.

1 week, 3 days agoThe project began as a way for computer science majors Subion and Zhu to fill what they thought was an unmet need for students: a tool to connect with classmates, check past grades for courses and get into preferred sections.

1 week, 5 days agoThe local scene is so happening that if you went to a show every day of the week, it would be quite some time before you'd have to go back again. So for those of you looking to traverse the comedy rooms of this city, here are some places to start:


Startup Weekend promises to help launch your company

4 hours agoUBC Startup Weekend is a student-run, weekend-long workshop on entrepreneurship. On February 3 through 5, Startup Weekend works to simulate the experience of being an entrepreneur without all the costs and consequences.

7 hours agoExposure to real life problems may be overwhelming at times. However, in the context of a science case competition and taking on the role of a researcher, it can be a fun way to approach such complex problems.

3 days, 5 hours agoNeed inspiration? Heed the advice of Dr. Stravos Avramidis, the head of wood science. “You cannot lock yourself in a room — talk to your colleagues. Talk to whoever uses what are you are doing. That’s the only way to get ideas,” he said.

5 days, 5 hours agoBringing in the New Year is subject to an array of strange traditions that include everything from smashing plates, to hiding all the knives in the house, to entrusting your year-to-come’s fortune to the colour of your underwear.