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The Microsoft-funded “Cascadia Urban Analytics Cooperative” is a joint research venture between the universities that will involve students, community members and researchers to address issues faced by growing cities in the Pacific Northwest.

Not only are most of these athletes single and ready to mingle, but we were also able to dig up some dirt on the best campus spots (and workouts!) to share with your dates in 2017. We were lucky enough to have some athletes exclusively spill which T

I speak for the editorial board when I say we’ve enjoyed reading every piece immensely, and though we didn’t have room to print every submission we received, rest assured yours has impacted us, challenged us and made us think.

Almost every day is punctuated with a “want to get coffee?” when we get bored and need that sweet, frothy fix. Usually we go to Uppercase, but on those occasions when we really want to treat ourselves, we go to Loafe.

This family dynamic is hard to come by, and definitely only existed when I was a child. I like to think of it as a fond memory of my childhood and an interesting way to retain a part of my cultural heritage that would have otherwise been lost.

Antonya Gonzalez, a PhD student studying Developmental Psychology, conducted a study on reducing racial bias in children with the help of stories. Her goal was to try to change children’s perceptions of racial out groups.

Whether it’s assistance for your mental well-being, the need to contribute to the campus’s diverse community, or just the peace of mind in getting home safe, there are a number of personal support resources available to students here at UBC.

Chances are, no matter your political affiliation, someone in your life is going to say some dumb shit and you’re going to want to tell them. Here's a quick guide on the best way to call someone out (or in).

For anyone keeping up with American politics, one term has probably caught your attention — political correctness… or rather, the lack there of. Being politically correct is a general avoidance of potentially offensive language.

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