Fight the Power: A playlist to resist the bollocks of 2017

5 days, 23 hours agoWe’re only a month into 2017 and we can already tell that it's going to be a really shitty year. Brexit is going to happen, the far right might take power in France, senseless acts of racism and violence have spread into Canada.

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Review: One-third of Naked Cinema III: Shortfalls was worth watching

Student films are a very special thing, in good ways but also in very bad ways. The majority of the time you get something that looks like it was made by a bored ninth grader the day before his media project was due.

Review: Manual Cinema's Ada/Ava was beautiful and terrifying

Manual Cinema's Ava/Ada was an unforgettable experience that will stick in my mind as one of the more impressive pieces of theatre/film/puppetry that I have ever seen. If you should ever have the opportunity to see them perform, take it.

Loafe redesign contest winner: Emilie Kneifel's Loafe loaf

With its witty self-awareness and bold lack of conformity to UBC's standard glassy architecture, Emilie dared to suggest not only redesigning Loafe's interior but also the whole building in which it rests.

Poetry slams: By and for Vancouver's youth

Have you ever been to a poetry slam? Me neither — until last Monday. I didn't know what to expect, or really what it even was. I decided to attend the Youth Slam, for people aged 13–20, which is regularly put on by Vancouver Poetry Slam.