Board of Governors approves no fossil fuel Sustainable Future Fund

2 days, 18 hours agoThe Board also voted to increase investment in the fund by $5 million per year for a period of three years, bringing the total investment fund to $25 million. The original investment was a $10 million contribution from the Trek endowment.

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Candidates for 2017 AMS elections announced

Several referendum questions were also announced as officially being on the elections ballot. This is not a complete list, as the deadline to submit completed referendum petitions (with 1,000 student signatures) is February 24.

Faculty Association president Mark Mac Lean steps down

President of the UBC Faculty Association (FA), Mark Mac Lean, will be stepping down from his role as of June 30, 2017. Instead, he will be further pursuing his academic role within the university as a faculty member and head of the math department.

Twelve new food spots coming to UBC

“In the past few years, more students live on campus all-year round,” said Parr. “That attracts the food spots, as before we had a lot of commuter students, so the food spots had only work during the school year.”

How UBC grades your broad-based admissions essays

The Ubyssey has pursued UBC's rubrics for how broad-based admissions are graded for the past four years. Now, provided by a person with access to the document, we have the version that UBC used in 2016 to grade applications.

AMS rents out art collection to fund arts and culture at UBC

Since the program’s inception in late 2016, the Hatch Art Gallery has rented out artwork from the permanent collection at a going rate of about one per cent of a piece’s insurance value per month — for some pieces, this means over $20,000 a year.