Mind your mind: Self-help books are an inspiring source of motivation

6 hours ago"Perhaps you’ll discover that self-help books can be the perfect tools to help you manage different areas of your life. They are a form of self-improvement and therefore reading them contains lots of advantages."

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Ask Natalie: Where do all the cool people go?

Ah, frat parties. Not where I would go for intellectual conversation, but I know from my brief time in the Greek system that at least three houses have dogs and one has a snow cone machine. Good luck and good drinking!

Relate to Senate: What to expect in the January 2017 meeting

"However, the proposal also changes two admissions requirements — the minimum internet-based TOEFL score from 100 to 92 for several programs in the faculty of education, and also from 100 to 90 for the master of music in piano."

Letter: Thank you, UBC, for the best Winter Classic

Whoever said UBC doesn’t have school spirit has been wholeheartedly proven wrong by the energy and enthusiasm every single fan brought to the game. So again, from us to you, thank you. Sincerely, The Birdcage

We won our Freedom of Information case against UBC

We've been fighting with the university for a few years now to try to get access to the rubrics that explain exactly how they grade broad-based admissions. Here's a recap of the whole situation. So what happened?