Op-ed: We suspect that Loafe hires from a Ralph Lauren catalogue

4 days, 23 hours agoAlmost every day is punctuated with a “want to get coffee?” when we get bored and need that sweet, frothy fix. Usually we go to Uppercase, but on those occasions when we really want to treat ourselves, we go to Loafe.

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Relate to Senate: What to expect in the February Senate meeting

A whopping 484 pages out of this 598-page docket are proposals for new courses and programs. This meeting includes 39 courses and five programs being introduced or revised. Here are some courses and programs that might be of interest to students.

Their Campus: Making fast friendships in East Anglia

“Since we’re only staying here for half a year, we all seem to be putting extra effort into creating close friendships right away as compared to back home where I took my time to develop the same closeness with people.”

In an apparent fit of masochism, UBC appeals our FOI case

We were just served notice that UBC is appealing the court case we've been fighting them on for the past three years. The one where the BC Office of Information and Privacy (OIPC) struck them down. And then they sued the OIPC. And then we won again.