Smash tourneys and chariot racing: What does it take to make E-Week happen?

1 day, 11 hours agoFor a long time, E-Week has been one of the most impressive events of the winter session. Besides having entertaining activities, E-Week serves as a week-long competition among the engineering faculties and clubs. But before all the fun starts, months and months of work go in to make sure the week goes perfectly.



When I’m frustrated with Math 104 or stressed out about life in general, I know a salad isn’t going to satisfy my cravings. I tried out chicken strips from three different places across campus — I know there are many more, but I started with the basics.




I was re-watching a Friends episode one day when Rachel referred to her friends as “magic beans,” which made me realize what it was about the show that made it so appealing


When Pierre Trudeau commissioned a type of particle accelerator called a cyclotron for the centre in 1976, the then-prime minister quipped: “I don’t really know what a cyclotron is, but I am certainly very happy Canada has one.”

All was well for the next four days until the team began receiving signals that the boat was heading off course to the south.