UBC has partnered with with Canada’s only national low-power network, eleven-X, to collect data on the usage of accessible parking spaces on UBC’s Vancouver campus. If found that the demand for handicapped parking spaces is higher than the amount that are currently provided, this project will lead to enhanced handicapped parking spaces across UBC.


The person who recommended that I read Stephen King’s On Writing was the editor of a website I wrote album reviews for. He responded to a draft I sent over with the book title and a reply appropriating its famous quote: “Have you ever heard the advice, ‘Death to adverbs’?”



“There are tens of thousands of students attending the University, and hundreds of professors. Many of them would surely benefit from an alternate way to get to and from campus in the case of commuters.”


Yu has been actively involved in public debate on issues of immigration and racism in Canada since he responded to the controversial Maclean’s article “Too Asian?” — now-titled “The enrollment controversy” — which questioned how the demographic makeup of Canadian universities with a large Asian population has an impact on campus life.


You might never want to even think about rats, much less study them, but that’s exactly what UBC graduate students are doing in the Downtown Eastside with their Vancouver Rat Project. UBC’s School of Population and Public Health (SPPH) held a talk on rats and public health in Vancouver as part of their Grand Rounds lecture series.

If you’re taking Dr. Christine Schreyer’s cross-campus course titled “Endangered Language Documentation and Revitalization,” it might seem like a good idea to ask her for an extension in Kryptonian. After all, she did invent it.