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Back in the days when newspapers were inconveniently large and remarkably unwieldy, their back pages simmered gently with unrealized romantic desire, and there developed an acronymic dialect for those on the prowl.

A trope of the family-friendly Hollywood movie is that of the dead-eyed, “whatever”-sighing teenager. This teen is apathetic, bored, and nihilistic. They roll their eyes at family fun and take pleasure at resisting their parents’ values.

University is a time of great self-learning and a way to learn about things that may directly influence the way you see and experience the world. Most importantly, university is a chance to explore ourselves and what it means to be “me.”

As UBC launched its Centennial year in 2015, the AMS’s longtime archivist, Sheldon Goldfarb, has written a book that celebrates the essence and evolution of student experience and self-governance throughout the century.


Looking out on Lindeman Lake feels as though your eyes have been veiled by an Instagram filter. Similar to Joffre Lakes, the water is turquoise; be warned, though, as the water is glacial. My partner nearly went into shock from jumping in.



“We’re trying to break down the wall between the ivory tower and the broader political community and to recognize that there is a role for thinking about politics as a practice — not just as theory,” said Cameron.

Clubs don’t simply ask students for their money in the name of charity — they’ll sell things, organize gigantic parties, put themselves through challenges or even chop off their hair in their efforts to tackle worldwide issues.


Have you ever seen a face that wasn’t really there? If your food looks terrified and your mop is giving you the stink-eye, don’t worry — you’re not crazy. Local artists are exploring our ability to see faces everywhere & a scientist explains how.