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Canada 150: UBC is a place of mind for politics

9 hours ago“We’re trying to break down the wall between the ivory tower and the broader political community and to recognize that there is a role for thinking about politics as a practice — not just as theory,” said Cameron.

Existentialism for everyday life

5 hours agoUniversity is a time of great self-learning and a way to learn about things that may directly influence the way you see and experience the world. Most importantly, university is a chance to explore ourselves and what it means to be “me.”

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Lam announced his decision at the July 19 AMS Council meeting in closed session, which was entered upon his request. However, a public discussion about his resignation was held shortly after in the meeting.


As UBC launched its Centennial year in 2015, the AMS’s longtime archivist, Sheldon Goldfarb, has written a book that celebrates the essence and evolution of student experience and self-governance throughout the century.

The Welcome Back BBQ takes place on Friday, September 8, with doors opening at 3:00 p.m. The event is only for students 19 and up, so there will be none of those rowdy youths getting in the way trying to sneak beer for the first time.


The gym is a space where I can fight off that stress and feel good about myself. Even if I didn’t do anything else that day, if I went to the gym and grew a tiny bit stronger, I succeeded. Every time I hit a new personal best, I succeed.


“I’m entering my fifth year and I’m still finding new ways to become a more efficient student. Some people strike gold their first study session, but don’t be discouraged if you can’t hit your stride right away.”


Clubs don’t simply ask students for their money in the name of charity — they’ll sell things, organize gigantic parties, put themselves through challenges or even chop off their hair in their efforts to tackle worldwide issues.

From small class sizes in major requirements to non-restricted seats in required classes going to students taking them as electives, course registration is rarely a picnic for students on a tight graduation deadline.


General relativity predicts that a large density of vacuum energy should cause the universe to explode. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet. Qingdi Wang and Zhen Zhu proposed a new theory about how this could be.