30 Years of Nardwuar: Journalist, musician, and Human Serviette

10 hours agoIn 1987, a student walked into CITR with a nifty idea for a broadcast; 24 uninterrupted hours of tapes about the assassination of President John. F. Kennedy. 30 years later, Nardwuar the Human Serviette is CiTR’s most recognizable personality, a local celebrity, and one of the world’s most prominent music journalists.

Upcoming Events

The AUS First Year stARTup:

Saturday, Sep 23 at 9 AM - Sunday, Sep 24 at 12 PM

Buchanan Building Block D


National Learn to Code Day

Saturday, Sep 23 at 10 AM - 4 PM

Irving K Barber Learning Centre,
Lillooet Room.


National Learn to Code Day
2017: An Introduction to
Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning for Beginners

Saturday, Sep 23 at 10 AM - 4 PM

Room 301 (Lillooet Room), Irvin K.
Barber Learning Centre


Lighthouse Labs YVR HTML & CSS

Saturday, Sep 23 at 1 PM - 4 PM

Launch Academy


Troyboi - Vancouver

Saturday, Sep 23 at 7 PM - Sunday, Sep 24 at 12 AM

The Vogue Theatre



Eight faculty members have been named fellows of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). The RSC is an institution that comprises the arts, humanities and sciences — one of its main purposes is to promote learning and research in the three academics.


If you want pub food or a beer, Mahoney’s is overpriced and lame; Gallery 2.0 has some of the most incompetent service I’ve ever seen and a sad, sad menu; and Koerner’s is great but a little off the beaten path and open at weirdly inconsistent times.

I talked to UBC School of Music professor David Metzer, who teaches musicology with an emphasis on pop music. Our conversation turned to questions larger than Owl City’s resurgence: What is pop music? And what makes some songs so easy to parody?

While fair trade practices sound utopic and altruistic in theory, in practice they come with a whole host of issues and questions, as raised by Professor Kurt Huebner and Professor Werner Antweiler in interviews with The Ubyssey.


It’s that time of year again, when UBC Recreation offers a wide array of free classes that cause even the most unathletic students to consider getting their 60 minutes worth of daily physical exercise.


“Cardio machines go days or even weeks without being fixed, the towels used to wipe down equipment are few and far-between and the floor space for stretching could be advertised as an attractive nano unit after a quick a paint job.”


Of the 194 residence advisors living in residence this upcoming school year, fewer than half are returning. The Ubyssey spoke to ten RAs to find out why so many students — who go into the position with such good intentions — do not come back.


UBC Library kicked off Science Literacy Week with a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on September 18 where students got the opportunity to be involved in that very process. The focus of the event was improving the available content on Wikipedia about Canadian science and scientists.