I’m about to inherit one of my Grandma’s old mink fur coats but am not really sure about whether or not it’s okay to take it? I don’t want to throw it out, because that seems like a waste, but I also am not sure if it’d be a good thing to wear it outside.



“Uninstall any social media apps if you feel like they’re not good for your mental and emotional wellbeing.”


Watching the wedding was a reflection of racing through Chennai; everywhere my attention landed, there was a vibrancy that pulled me into the present. In a red silk sari and white dhoti, heavy flower garlands weighting their necks, the bride and groom offered sacrifices of food and flowers into the holy fire.


The team revealed that when Ada’s sail was ripped off (likely by high winds) it took several sensors off with it and opened a several cracks in the hull next to a battery hatch designed to keep electronics dry. They are now designing a new boat, one they hope will be able to sail around the world.