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Kesler underscored that the new guide is not a comprehensive treatment of the complex subject of appropriate language use. He emphasized that the terminology outlined in the guide will be subject to change and adaptation on an ongoing basis.



“Recently, a mistake made by the University of Alberta’s (U of A) student paper The Gateway was met with a lawsuit from Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Edmonton-Griesbach Kerry Diotte on the grounds of defamation. In our view, a lawsuit is not a proportional response to an honest — and since-corrected — misstep. It’s also not good for freedom of speech and of the press.“


It’s a familiar sight at the root of food insecurity: between paying ever-increasing tuition and rent, students have little money left to buy food — a situation that is reality across Canadian universities.


“They came together and thought about ‘Okay let’s sit down, and let’s think about inclusivity [and] how to make things accessible for other people,’ and I think that discussion that was taking place was very important, especially for the tech industry in Vancouver.”

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On the second episode of Extra Credit, reporter and producer Jack Lamming delves into at the impact of the First and Second World Wars on UBC. Looking back, he found stories of failed exams, weaponized balloons and a lost streetcar system.

On our first episode, “Definitely Irish,” reporter Zak Vescera and producer Jack Lamming took a look at the influx of young Irish people who rent in Dunbar over the summer. They managed to get to the bottom of why the Irish come to Vancouver and whether they are discriminated against when they look for housing and jobs.