The referendum failed in the 2019 AMS general elections and again in the 2020 general elections, making this the third time the AMS has tried and failed to pass the referendum that would abolish student court, extend AMS membership to carry over to the second semester and would allow the AMS to create a confidentiality policy to limit the release of certain records.


Art is defining student activist movements in a world that’s increasingly moving to social media. The visual side of activism has evolved to encompass new forms with students embracing performance and Lennon walls — but despite the shift online, one medium remains especially striking: the protest sign.







The weight of the world rests on our shoulders. Yet the fate of the world lies beneath the heels of the rich, their carbon footprints stamped down like corporate logos.

UBC is unique from most universities because it owns and operates its own water system. But how does water get here? What do we do with it? And how do we reconcile our collective need for water with a climate crisis that could see it becoming our most precious commodity?

The sands that I would pretend were sprinkles, where I’d roll around in, feeling like a brigadeiro. The sea where I learned that the best way past a tall wave is through it. It was now buried in oil and the federal government refused to do anything about it.

At the Supermarket You don’t see peanuts plucked out of the ground