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The Ubyssey, founded in 1918, is the definitive source of news on campus. Published every Tuesday during the school year, The Ubyssey is the largest student paper in Western Canada, employs more than 12 full- and half-time editorial staff throughout the year and is supported by an independent, full-time business office. The Ubyssey boasts such alumni as Pierre Berton, Prime Minister John Turner, Allan Fotheringham and Bruce Arthur in such publications as The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and the Vancouver Sun, along with thousands of other alumni around the world.

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Now in its fourth year, the Ubyssey Magazine has been introduced as an annual edition. Available to students once a year, this periodical format is an excellent way for you to reach a wider spectrum of readers, from The Ubyssey's news consumers to those who consume more creative content. This year, the magazine aims to build on previous topics of diversity and sense of place, as we investigate the theme of Presence . We will be exploring topics of finding, representing, advocating and celebrating identities and beliefs across campus, while also exploring how campus adapts its various identities and beliefs when necessary.


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