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The ways that we work, play and socialize are dramatically different than they were 30 years ago. So are the ways we get off.

I nod, allowing my mind to drift away from my body, until I am just a prop in the musical she is orchestrating. A musical that always ends with her thanking me for my performance.

Milder, more mainstream kinks related to domination and submission — like bondage and choking — seem to be fairly common, but there are definitely some of us who really get down and dirty.

"Nominations are closed tomorrow (February 15) at noon – yes, we know – so get your nominations in quick. Fill out a nomination form (available here or in front of our office in Nest, Room 2208) and drop it off to the Administrative Assistant in Nest Room 3502 by 12 p.m. tomorrow!"

On February 12, UBC shut down its classes for a snow day. Some stayed at home and cozied up watching Netflix. Others hit the slopes or the trails for a wintery hike. Once classes were back on Wednesday, some celebrated with the snow ball fight on campus. Whatever it was, our photographers captured some of the chilly memories.

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