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It’s a shame that Sexy Squirrels of UBC folded before internet squirrels finally got their time to shine. From what I remember, the page solely consisted of attractive people in bathing suits with squirrel heads photoshopped onto them.

“My religion and politics professor is one of the most respected scholars in his field — someone whose articles I’ve been reading since first-year. I had a not-so-mild case of scholarly fangirling when I realized that.”

"Now that you've fallen for the clickbait, let me make myself abundantly clear — I’m an English Honours and Economics student with nothing but the greatest respect and regard for the skills, experience and knowledge."

The Ubyssey is investigating UBC’s Student Union Okanagan (UBCSUO) after it ran unprecedented deficits in 2015 and 2016 — more than $300,000 each year, or about 23 per cent of annual revenue, while simultaneously running an ineffective grant program.

Graduation is just around the corner! If you’re a graduating student from any faculty or degree, congratulations! If you have friends or family who are graduating this year, I’m sure you’ll want to attend the ceremony.

A group of UBC researchers, led by PhD student Mirza Saquib Sarwar and assisted by UBC professor of applied science Dr. John Madden, are pushing the boundaries of touchscreen technology by building flexible touchscreen sensors.

As a student who spends all their money on beer and the occasional book, organic foods might not make it into your grocery cart. Even if for no reason other than the price, perhaps you’ve asked yourself how much better organic food really is.

The first game on Friday ended in a 7-0 shutout, where Nick Spillman, Griffy Goyer, Anthony Olson, John Whaley, Tyler Yorko, Mitch Robinson and Kyle McComb each recorded one run. Pitchers Connor Noble and Aidan Goodall combined for nine strikeouts fr

Joey Doyle and David Stall are running in the upcoming BC provincial elections under Your Political Party (YPP) — a party that is founded on the three pillars of open government, sustainability and collaboration.

Khöömei — the long, low overtone emanating from the singers' throats — is hypnotic and calming. Anda Union brought it from their homes in Mongolia and filled the Chan Centre with a sound the likes of which it has never played host to before.

There are many controversial whispers floating around the new aquatic centre. Why is the sauna always broken? What’s up with the size of the change rooms? Is the lazy river as amazing as it sounds? Rest assured that in the T-Birds 5-on-5 this week o

We’re one week away from April and it’s the time of the year where the semester is winding down, but we haven’t the slightest amount of courage to face the Everest-high pile of assignments that’s amassed itself throughout the semester.

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