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The room was packed with students working away diligently in their notebooks and computers. I saw equations. I saw essays. I saw SparksNotes and a lot of tabs open. I was immediately reminded why I should come here and why I don’t.

As food insecurity looms large at UBC, campus groups are actively trying to create a safety net for those falling through the hunger gap.

Food insecurity — defined broadly as unreliable access to sufficiently nutritious food — impacts students at UBC in deeper ways than eating cup ramen. It is also hardly rare.

The last thing Sevick remembers before that final training run at 12 years old was a game of laser tag the evening before.The rest, for three weeks, is almost entirely gone.

By the time I turned 18, I had lived in 3 different provinces, 6 different cities, gone to 6 different schools, and occupied more than 7 houses.

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