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Exams tend to be the last leg of a marathon and everyone always tries running at full speed during it. It will drain you. You will feel tired, grumpy and desperate for distraction. But we will get through it.

On another administrative level, at UBC, you know why you receive the grade you did. However at the school in France, it's very ambiguous. Two of my friends took a class which was project-based and worked together on everything.

Since President-elect Donald Trump’s win of the US election, UBC has been receiving a massive number of website hits from residents of the United States. Americans have been browsing UBC’s graduate programs and lurking on the university’s Facebook.

Dr. Warren Code, the acting director for the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (CWSEI) at UBC, works with faculty and students to research and implement curriculum, teaching methodology and if students are actually meeting course objectives.

Wondered which birth control options are out there beyond the advice of your friend’s sister’s cousin who liked the pill? Despite still not having access to Uber, UBC is about to get an app for that.

Studying in comfort isn’t bad for your grades, but it’s not good for your body. So when you’re picking a studying position and space, put on some pyjamas and get comfy, but make sure to keep your back straight and breathing.

“There is excitement for the space from the academic faculties,” said Stephane Delisle, senior manager of programs and facilities at the Aquatic Centre. “Due to the accessibility of the facility, there are physical therapy and rehabilitation capabili

There are no real or set answers in this field. The groups have largely found things that work and have stuck to them. More confetti, half-time shows, cozy hoodie,s free pancakes, drunk engineers, cheer-leaders, marching bands and shirt tosses.

I’ve lived in Vancouver my entire life. I always knew that I wanted to go to UBC and I have no regrets about the choices I’ve made. The lifestyle in Vancouver — yoga, kale, fancy coffee, Lululemon — is one I feel I fit into.

Science says no — an all nighter is definitely not worth it. According to a sleep deprivation experiment in college students “sleep loss depletes effort.” In short, the less sleep a student gets, the less effort they put into tasks the next day

It’s not a myth. Music can help you concentrate while you’re studying, but according to science, only instrumental tracks. Anything else is just about as helpful as your roommate blab in your ear about their wild night out while you’re cramming.

It’s the holiday season and that means it’s time to listen to ridiculous music and revel in the festive atmosphere. Unfortunately, it also means that the days are getting darker and shorter. Even worse, final exams and papers are looming.

UBC’s Allard School of Law has created programs for law students looking to expand their horizons beyond Canada. These programs afford students the opportunity to extend their degree and potentially graduate with accreditations from both schools.

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