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At the Vancouver Aquarium, UBC researchers team up with specially trained northern fur seals and Steller sea lions in order to to better understand how to save their declining populations in the wild.

“The answer to that is because these particular students we are targeting are not the ones who are happy in a high school. Secondly, what we know is that most often we underestimate what people are capable of.”

Today's society raised an eyebrow at you when you decided to pursue that degree in photography, graphic design or whatever you're passionate about but "doesn't pay well." And if you haven't come to that point in life, give these words a thought.

I was warned countless times not to do graduate school. “It won’t lead anywhere.” “You’ll never get a job.” “You won’t make any money.” “You will be miserable.” I went for it anyway. And I have no regrets so far.

According to recent study, First Nations’ fishery catches could collapse by almost 50 per cent by 2050 as a result of climate change, further endangering the food and economic security of indigenous communities along coastal British Columbia.

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