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Russel Acton: When I was thirteen years old and I took my first drafting course in high school in grade eight and I always enjoyed art, and I was really doing well in my drafting and doing well in my art and then I can’t remember it was some

Grounds is known for having the best cinnamon rolls in Vancouver, which is definitely a perk of going there. Their buns are delicious, they have a good selection of teas, and all their mugs are glass, which is just a nice aesthetic.

Have you ever gone to a party and chosen to stay sober? For some people, that’s completely unimaginable. I’ll admit it makes me a little uncomfortable to think about. There have certainly been Saturday nights when

UBC psychologists say the increased dankness on campus could also be a product of increased exam stress, causing tolerable-ish rates of vaping to escalate into full-on hypebeast nonsense.

Two years ago, in 2016, I was given the chance to start my bachelor degree at UBC, and I really thought I was in control — and I was mad at my family and friends for telling me otherwise.

The Ubyssey received responses from over 400 UBC students on their drug and substance use. Collecting this type of information via Google Forms, where we can’t interview respondents directly, isn’t ideal — but it revealed interesting and compelling trends about student substance use.

Everyone seems to forget that getting stuff done can be exhausting, time-consuming and frankly a little overrated. So as a compromise, and mostly inspired by my own refusal to study, here are some strategies to help you avoid responsibilities in the most responsible ways possible.

“This was actually a study using a really neat combination of old[er] data and new[er] data,” said Dr. Catherine Johnson, an author of the study and professor in UBC’s department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences.

The team developed a specialized imaging technique that took advantage of glandular trichome intrinsic autofluorescence — a property of the trichomes that causes them to emit light when exposed to certain other kinds of light.

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