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50 RESULTS FOR "Study:"

"If university educators are serious about decolonization, they need to teach and engage with these histories. This is in fact what many teach-ins, peaceful student rallies, and other forms of active learning at UBC have sought to do since October 7," writes Dr. Hicham Safieddine.

At the end of the term, emails flood into student inboxes with the reminder to fill out teaching evaluations. This is a chance for students to grade their professors’ performance as an educator. However, scholars have questioned the accuracy of these surveys, and how they might mask gender, racial and ethnic biases.

Third-year philosophy student Amy Liao is running for VP administration on a platform centering around student living and the Nest, improving clubs and AMS subsidiaries' experience and working towards the AMS Sustainability Action Plan (ASAP)’s 2026 goals.

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