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New Aquatic Centre pool

It's great that UBC is trying to build more fitness spaces for students, faculty and staff, but if they are really serious about it, they should stop screwing around with gimmicks like lazy rivers and giant heated bathtubs.


One of the most annoying things I endured upon going vegan was not feeling as free to study in coffee shops with my friends out of wanting to avoid the pain of watching on as they consumed delicious dairy-filled meals or lactose-infused beverages.


Earlier this month, the beloved late night hangout Calhoun’s Bakery closed its doors. The cafe, which was located on West Broadway, was a place where UBC students often went at all hours to study and gulp down mug after mug of coffee.


An anthropologist, a climate scientist and a geographer all walk in to NASA… While that may sound like the set-up to a bad joke, that kind of interdisciplinary work gave rise to a new NASA-funded research project involving two UBC researchers.

Totem Forrest, totem, rainforest, snow

"At the corner of Agronomy and SW Marine Drive, adjacent to the Totem Park residences, there is a small slice of wood that remains. Generation after generation, wooded areas around Point Grey have been disappearing."

Their Campus

“Not that I would have minded, but the societies I joined rarely met or only had paid events. On top of that, the flat I moved into in September was a bit of a bust socially. I felt lost in first term, but then all of a sudden I was found.”

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