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In the produce aisle of the grocery store, labels tell you where vegetables traveled from: oranges from California, grapes from Chile, beets from BC. But where did the seeds come from?

That feeling of taking the first sip of lemonade on a breezy summer day is just one zesty bite away. We thought a sweet and tangy snack could help you push through the dark, cold, wet days ahead, so we scoped out the best lemon bars on campus to treat your seasonal woes.

The middle of the term always comes with increased stress and countless hours spent in the library, but there is one comfort food that many students reach for in order to survive this demanding part of the year: ramen.

As a child, my parents would take the three of us kids to T&T to buy doujiang. The predictability of the store was comforting. White waxed floors, edged by subtle grime; the smell of plastic wrap and the mist they sprayed to keep the vegetables fresh. The bright lights, the temperature, the layout — these elements create theoretically perfect conditions, yet are too sterile to make me feel at home.

Welcome to the age of the ‘Plasticene’, a world so infected with plastics that they’ve embedded themselves in our fossil record. Microplastics are infiltrating global water systems, causing scientists, activists and governments to sound the alarm.

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