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senate mathew ho

Mathew Ho running for student senator-at-large on a campaign of greater transparency for course information and improving experiential learning opportunities.

Sex Issue, body, person, touch, skin

Valentine's Day has come and gone. Winter is passing you by and yet, you STAY uncuffed. The snow showed up, the city shut down (but apparently not the UBC campus) and you found yourself hot chocolate date-less, left to brave the storm with only your sensible footwear to keep you company. Well! Fear not! I present to you a most robust and enticing list of suitable and 100 per cent real dating options (in no particular order).

20230323 s pasqual art

As art professors, artists, arts, auteurs, visionarys, Wunderkinds, pencil guys, YouTube speed painters, America’s Got Talent contestants and adult entertainment watchers, we are the only people qualified to tell you what art really is. Which is… uh… the internal becoming external, and… uhhh… the ocean becoming land and, like, the vibe check becoming a slay era, you know?

20230223 m erikson admiralty trail 1

The Admiralty Trail runs along the cliff edge with access to Acadia Beach and Spanish Banks Dog Beach. It is mostly flat with gentle curves, offering a leisurely stroll with views of Burrard Inlet and the North Shore’s mountains on one side and the forest of ferns and various trees on the other.

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