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In referendums held last year, the student body and the faculty both voted in favour of divestment by a large margin. As a result, the Board of Governors is being increasingly pressured to make a decision.

Axis theatre

Axis Theatre has recently begun their Wee Ones Series — plays intended for an audience ages 3-7. Shelby Bushell says that there was no quality market for very young children and Axis wanted to step in and fill this gap.

science beaker wide

I arrived to university a very sexually unaware 19-year-old. However, as a science student at heart, I found explanations in a scientific journal, Clinical Anatomy. Exploring romantic love, on the other hand, has produced fewer concrete answers.


We caught up with some athletes pursuing a degree in kinesiology for this edition of the T-Birds 5-on-5. These are the people you see on Imagine Day decked out in bright green and likely are the fittest group of people you will ever meet.


And although watching The Hobbit or Harry Potter may not feel like a particularly stimulating activity, he says that people may in fact work harder when watching a fantasy movie to develop a sophisticated interpretation.


UBC plans to develop a new residence building by 2019 that will feature sub-$700 “micro-apartments” for students. Today, a full-sized model of one of them has been put up next to CiTR at the Nest, and everyone is welcome to take a look inside.


Think about it. For the price of a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza, you can support eight human beings to come to the amazing country and university we live and study in. We need to ... commit to long-term support for refugees.

Dario Garousian

I would love to work with the ad-hoc mental health committee because I am a huge mental health advocate and used Access & Diversity before. I’ve seen the state of mental health on campus and it’s improving, thanks to the work of our current senators.

Samatha So

“I am really interested maximizing student spaces. Not in the way I’ve heard thrown around with 24 hour study spaces. I want to improve student engagement be informed making it easier for them to look up information on running next year.”

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