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2022 AMS elections candidate profiles Saad Shoaib

Saad Shoaib, the current AMS VP external, is running for the student society’s president on a platform of expanding the number of amenities and support services available to students.

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A new nine-week pilot project, the Food Hub Market, recently launched in the CIRS building. On February 16, the project began, providing low cost groceries to anyone on the UBC Vancouver campus.

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With a swipe-based interface, dating apps like Tinder and Bumble mimic social media platforms and allow for a constant stream of validation. This interface essentially “gamifies” dating, according to Goldsmith — making dating apps addictive.

Orchard Commons Residence

Salama wanted to take a deep breath to try to ground herself, but she was afraid it would cause another time jump.


The Ubyssey explored how social isolation can influence our mental health and wellbeing, shedding light on one of the unprecedented pitfalls of pandemic living.

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