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This year was a hectic one for the world and UBC was no exception. The university saw a quick end to a rookie president's tenure, followed by the election of a new one, bringing with him a cult of personality.

People are rejecting science, expertise and “elitism.” Science is to blame. It's hidden in its shell for far too long, and must now poke its head back into the scary, "post-truth" world and fight for its existence and importance.

A favourite late-night study spot for thousands of UBC students, the cafe will be fondly remembered for its high ceilings, rustic wooden furniture and stellar selection of caffeinated drinks and home-cooked food.

The news of Calhoun's Bakery closing down hit UBC hard. We asked you to send us your memories of the beloved 24-hour study spot and you delivered. Here's a selection of our favourites, beginning with some of our own.

Regulatory testing of drugs and medical products encompasses only three-quarters of a per cent of animals used in UBC research. A third of all animals are used in medical and veterinary research to research treatment for disease.

At the beginning of November, Lauren Taylor and a team of students including Alaia Hamer, Edward Dawson, Stefan Zubovic and Sophie Tang began work,on, what would be for many, their largest and most ambitious project to date.

Consider submitting your work to one (or more!) of the numerous student-run academic journals here at UBC. They're a great opportunity to gain experience within the world of academic publishing and read some great essays.

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