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Finding home – bodily autonomy-5

The home that stays with you no matter what is your own body. And, just like the paint colour, furniture or even the floor plan of your house might change, the foundation remains the same.

20220910 i janmohamed ubyssey office

A month into 2023 and it feels like it has been a year already! To celebrate the upcoming year of laugh and love, and mourn the past year of whatever the opposite of laughs and love is, Ubyssey blog put together a list of our ins and outs for the year.

20220119 a ameen love nest

I’ve recently found somebody who is willing to deal with my insanity all the time — voluntarily (I have a boyfriend)! So, now that I have field experience with showing him around campus, I knew I had to list some verified PDA-hotspots for you love birds to nest in too.

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