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Imagine coming to a magical show where it is dreadfully quiet in a completely full theatre room before the start of the performance. In this silence it is possible to hear the breathing of a person sitting on your right,

Word Vancouver

Attention all book worms, comic book enthusiasts and fans of the written word! Word Vancouver is back with 5 exciting days of author readings, workshops, entertainment, and more!Attention all book worms, comic

ver the course of September, The Cinematheque has been screening a number of films of brutal, graphic content in a series entitled “This is Going to Hurt: A Cinema of Cruelty.” The final weekend of the series featured a double bill of Michael Haneke

Lao Tea House

Lao She’s celebrated play Teahouse has come to Vancouver 58 years after its premier and it rises up to its longstanding reputation. A powerful and captivating account of Chinese history, this production uses the setting of one teahouse to depic


Ah 2016, what a year it’s been, especially for Fashion. Ok not especially but it sure has been interesting to see what trends have caught on, some expected and some totally random, here are the top 9:


The Vancouver International Mountain Festival has been a regular fixture on UBC’s campus over the last two decades that the festival has been around. It aims to bring the best outdoor mountain films and premier them at venues across the entire city.

As far as I or any student on the UBC campus can attest, the Chan center, Music Building, Frederick Wood Theater, and Belkin Art Gallery all exist somewhere on campus, maybe some of us even know where. Unfortunately

Grounds is known for having the best cinnamon rolls in Vancouver, which is definitely a perk of going there. Their buns are delicious, they have a good selection of teas, and all their mugs are glass, which is just a nice aesthetic.


Looking for a steamy hook up with a hot Aussie this summer? Look no further than using Tinder. Once summer time hits, Tinder becomes an entirely new place than it is during the school year and boy is it wild.

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