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UBC has no idea what they'll be spending the increased revenue from tuition hikes on. They have no way of measuring what impacts the increases will have on the student body. And they have no plans to consult with students about whether or not the fees should go through. All in all, you should be pretty angry.


Politicians are tools fighting over the center, the electoral system is broken, parties don't offer compelling visions for a future Canada. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't vote.


With the emoji campaign, UBC is positioning itself clearly on the positive end of the sexual assault awareness spectrum, portraying consent in a playful and lighthearted manner -- but doing so while watching out for potential pitfalls. Still, not everyone is satisfied.


Speaking to researchers who have spent their careers trying to fill in the knowledge gaps in illicit drugs, two challenges continue to stand as roadblocks.


Ubyssey writers went far and wide in the summer of 2015, from kayaking in the ??? to research in Ethiopia, political engagement in South Africa and conquering fears in the Bahamas. Read their impressions of their voyages in the Travel supplement.

Our news editor travelled to Ethiopia for a Go Global seminar in May. Here are her impressions of the trip, as well as her photographs.

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