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Afford UBC rally

Held in the Agora of the Nest, the rally featured speakers and the opportunity for students to write letters detailing why they oppose the tuition hikes to Interim President Martha Piper as part of the AMS’s “Mail for Martha” campaign.


“This level of involvement allows us to build the excellent research and student learning opportunities that make UBC a world leader,” said Interim President Martha Piper in a speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade while announcing the results of the campaign.

Afford UBC AMS campaign

The rally will feature various speakers, sign-making as well as free food and hot drinks. Afterwards, students will be invited to the AMS’s “Mail for Martha” letter drop — where they will deliver all the letters students have either written or signed to the president’s office on the top floor of Koerner Library.

Food Services Boycott

“The idea is to do this outreach now so that students are made aware of it and see that the AMS is doing stuff related to it,” said Rosenfeld. “Then when we try and do a larger event, people will already have some awareness of what’s going on, why it matters and will be more receptive to getting involved.”

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