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Black voices at UBC

Wagwan bro, it's Esther. I've been told to describe myself in my journal by my therapist. I’ve been slinking around my micro-suite ever since graduation — uni tings, ahem — and now I ruminate on my next move.

20230302 i falsetti trans health care referendum

I saw them exchange glances and judgements as we spoke. As my friends and I broke down standing at the back of the room and among the councilors, some council members were smirking. I thought to myself, what is bringing them joy in this moment? Is it our fear? Our ability to risk our lives by speaking up and exposing ourselves to the council? Or is it their fear?

20230302 i falsetti ams council kingsmill forum

All year, we’ve been attending governance meetings and keeping an eye on what’s going on in the AMS, Senate and Board of Governors. We’re familiar with the issues and the pressures of each position in student government. We talked to all the candidates, attended all the debates and fact-checked their claims and platforms. We’re not here to tell you who to vote for, but we will be honest about each candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

20220119 a ameen love nest

I’ve recently found somebody who is willing to deal with my insanity all the time — voluntarily (I have a boyfriend)! So, now that I have field experience with showing him around campus, I knew I had to list some verified PDA-hotspots for you love birds to nest in too.

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