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talking shit on campus

For the first time in my life, I was told that I was “the quietest person” in the room. I’ve never been told this before because I am very loud — so loud that I am usually referred to as loud and annoying, even if I’m shy in a new setting. I guess I just have an ear-splitting voice.


Now that it’s summer, I’m starting to realize that I miss campus. But you know what I miss the most about campus? Running into UBC celebrities literally everywhere. So, in a desperate attempt to get some and connect with these celebs, I decided to download Tinder.

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The 'We need an American Girl Doll' meme has taken the internet by storm. We've seen dolls that drink La Croix and that were on the Mayflower, but what about a doll that goes to UBC?

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It’s been four years and I can’t stop thinking about you. What did I do wrong? You used to be excited to get an email from me, back when you were young and in high school. “UBC emailed me!” You’d frantically yell to your friends, and they were excited for us.

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The unspeakable has happened. In an ill-fated Facebook post earlier this week, UBC Confessions announced that it would officially be closing its doors and ending this chapter in the university’s history.

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