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I joined the Divestment Coalition as a representative of the Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) Vancouver Youth Bloc. Working alongside more than 20 organizations and student groups, I had the opportunity to share my perspective as a member of the anti-Zionist Jewish community and speak to the multiplicity of Jewish voices that oppose the Israeli state’s system of apartheid and occupation of Palestine.

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The 'We need an American Girl Doll' meme has taken the internet by storm. We've seen dolls that drink La Croix and that were on the Mayflower, but what about a doll that goes to UBC?

trans student healthcare

Student Health Services hired a primary care provider with extra training in gender-affirming care in late 2021. But half a year later, Trans students say knowledge about this provider is still limited, and that the AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan could do more to improve financial access to gender-affirming services.

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