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October Music

The year is coming to an end, but gifts aren’t the only thing being wrapped. Spotify Wrapped is out, but with finals coming up, we're only thinking about one thing — UBC. So, here's UBC Wrapped.

20221002 z wagner main mall greenway

Ono’s unexpected departure to Ann Arbor shocked the campus as the Board of Governors searched to appoint his successor. However, campus security searched the home of former President and Vice-Chancellor Santa Ono to find that he was taking with him more than memories.

beaty whale skeleton

On my first day back on campus, I got off the R4 and walked carelessly north towards the shining Buchanan headlights that guided me home when I stopped dead in my tracks. This is not where my class is today. I gulped, fear seeping into every pore. Was I supposed to go to… the other side of campus?

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