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Luckily, the snow hasn’t stuck too much yet, but there’s more to potentially come in our future. Here’s how to survive the, like, centimeter of snow we might get.

25 bus jonthan harris

There are two types of people in the world: people who have cried on public transit and liars. We all do it. You put on a song by the Fray, or the Script, and you stare out the window like you are in a mid-2000s music video.


As someone who stomps around campus with RBF (resting bitch face), I know there’s more to me than just a less-than-happy looking face. So, I wanted to investigate who else feels misrepresented, betrayed by their appearance, or simply doesn’t care?

bus stop snow

Everyone usually stops feeling like anything is new after the hangover from the New Year’s Eve party wears off, but we all like to be hopeful, don’t we?

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