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2023 z wagner spoof feet

Some are chunky, some are loud, some flake, some squeak… Today, we are rating — you guessed it — dogs. Woof. From the balconies of Wesbwook to the grass of the Bro’s Garden, these babies have explored every inch of our campus!

2023 t zhandarmova abbie portrait mag spoof

Flipping to this article is probably not the way to become cool, nor a TA since that transition requires much more than just clothes, a wild amount of brain power and the drive of every snotty-nosed first-year political science student combined. But dressing like your cool TA is a philosophy, it’s a way of life.

20230323 s pasqual art

As art professors, artists, arts, auteurs, visionarys, Wunderkinds, pencil guys, YouTube speed painters, America’s Got Talent contestants and adult entertainment watchers, we are the only people qualified to tell you what art really is. Which is… uh… the internal becoming external, and… uhhh… the ocean becoming land and, like, the vibe check becoming a slay era, you know?

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