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The website's creators will not be pursuing commercial revenue — they just hope it will serve as a streamlined method of textbook exchange for students to buy and sell. Less than a week after the launch, hundreds of textbooks are up for sale.


182,115 animals were used in 869 research and teaching experiment proposals in 2014. This marks the fifth consecutive year that UBC has published their animal research statistics, being one of only two universities in Canada to do so.


The SASC’s assistant manager noticed the need for these special groups through the recurring themes that emerged during her individual sessions with students — healthy relationships, emotional empowerment and the self-care of activists.


The AMS has approved a sexual assault external policy to establish what it believes is necessary to include in the university’s new sexual assault policy. The goal of the policy is to ask UBC to reevaluate the processes and protocols in place.


When the requirement was first established, students were mostly monolingual and it made sense to have it. Seeing the influx of bilingual students at UBC, some argue that there should be reconsideration for the rationale behind the requirement.

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