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240621 a chaudhry clock

how can you love someone without craving / their insides?

a spanish hour courtesy 1

In the early 1900s, a clockmaker’s wife plans to meet up with her lovers while her husband is out of the house. Hijinks ensue and both lovers end up stuck inside clocks, forced to somehow make their escape without the clockmaker catching on to his wife’s agenda.

240615 f sjaus music waste 1

In 1994, Kris Mitchell of Smak, Gilles Zolty of Zolty Cracker and their respective bands got rejected from Music West. The festival was one of the loudest in Vancouver, at one point bringing together over 300 local acts.

240616 f sjaus peacock

When my mind can make out the peacock’s feathers vividly enough, the eyes almost wink, as if to acknowledge the grip that they have on the woes of maternal love.

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