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And besides, technically I’ve been getting into the spirit since October by sending my relatives potential gift ideas with passive aggressive messages along the lines of “hey, look at this neat clothing item/accessory/four-litre bottle of Jameson!


It’s December 1 today y’all and we know you’re already in the Christmas spirit. If you haven’t put up your Christmas tree, snuggled up in a Snuggy, watched the original Home Alone movies and put on an ugly Christmas sweater, your time is now.

Starving Student, food, chocolate

The holidays are right around the corner and that means one thing — all the baked goods in the world. Stay tuned for the next few weeks for some delicious recipes that are simple to make and are guaranteed to impress your family.


The Calendar Party is also raising money for Lace Up For Kids, an organization supporting children with rare diseases, so bring along any spare change you have and donate to a worthy cause before freezing your butt off.

John Harvey, Movember

I wash my beard on occasion with shampoo, but it’s the same stuff that I use for my hair. I comb it on a reasonably regular basis and I sort of nervously fiddle with it. I also have moustache wax that I put in sometimes, which my girlfriend hates.

In light of a men's rights group having their application to become an AMS club rejected, the UBC Free Speech Club is showing their support by placing a blue wooden sign of the male symbol on top of the engineering cairn on Main Mall.


Prof jokes are like dad jokes with all the secondhand embarrassment but none of the familial shame. Although, luckily for students, it’s much harder to be caught rolling one’s eyes in a lecture hall than at the dinner table


We’ve all heard of friendship bracelets, friendship necklaces, best friend handshakes, secret languages… but how about a friendship bench? On November 23, say hello to a little yellow bench coming to you somewhere on the UBC Vancouver campus.


Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR) is an annual event which celebrates the lives of those who are no longer alive as well as those who are struggling to find themselves, and gives support to one another in the ongoing oppression and violence.

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