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Whatever trials and tribulations we face, and however difficult it will be to explain 2016 to our grandchildren, we can take solace in the fact that one universal truth remains certain: students love reading about sex.


There are no real or set answers in this field. The groups have largely found things that work and have stuck to them. More confetti, half-time shows, cozy hoodie,s free pancakes, drunk engineers, cheer-leaders, marching bands and shirt tosses.

The GAP came back

Last week’s pro-life protests and the counter-protests that sprung up next to them generated a lot of discourse on campus. UBC has a history of abortion activism, on both sides of the issue, stretching back to the 1970s.


Sex — it’s everywhere on campus. The opportunities for sexual experiences during your university years seem endless, but the variety of birth control methods are not so vast. So how do you prevent sex from leading an unwanted pregnancy?

Tenancy Rights

BC’s Residential Tenancy Act, which guarantees certain housing rights for tenants in the province such as restrictions on rent increases and freedom from unreasonable disturbance, does not apply to students living in university housing.

Our Campus

Sugiyama was in some way fated for the Nitobe Memorial Garden. “This garden is a place for understanding Japanese garden and Japanese culture. [It is] also the place for the people which come from all over the world to communicate with each other.”


Ada, the little robot is in trouble. Waves crash over her bow and lines cry out in the wind. A wave rises up behind Ada and she is carried up with it. For a moment, she sits at the peak of the wave, motionless in the heart of the violent Atlantic.

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