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Guide 2022 Ubyssey office

We’ve been around a long time. 104 years, in fact. In that century, The Ubyssey has been an institution that has endured a pandemic, a world war, multiple almost world wars, a financial crisis and most recently, another pandemic.

Guide 2022 Vancouver night life

Are you 19+? Going out in Vancouver to explore the nightlife is a guaranteed fun night. Here are some of the top spots in the city to hit up on your night out.

Guide 2022 sexual health

Although we’re all at university to learn and get our degrees, the classroom is only one part of the university educational experience.


Whether you’re an experienced stoner or a first-timer, you’ll need the know-how on how to get weed on campus. The recreational use of cannabis (AKA weed) was legalized across Canada in 2018 and is widely available for consumption.

Guide 2022 drug safety

University opens up opportunities for learning and growth. This can mean learning what you want to do with your life or whether your favourite colour is really red or blue. But what does learning and growth mean when it comes to using drugs and illicit substances safely?

Guide 2022 staying in Canada

As if moving away from your home, family and friends isn’t enough, there are a lot of logistical things you need to figure out when moving to Canada.

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