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russell acton

Russel Acton: When I was thirteen years old and I took my first drafting course in high school in grade eight and I always enjoyed art, and I was really doing well in my drafting and doing well in my art and then I can’t remember it was some

The Ubyssey received responses from over 400 UBC students on their drug and substance use. Collecting this type of information via Google Forms, where we can’t interview respondents directly, isn’t ideal — but it revealed interesting and compelling trends about student substance use.

The last time I had my grandfather’s congee was a few years ago. He quietly stopped making it one day, as standing for hours in a sweltering kitchen grew to be too taxing. Although my dorm-room concoction will never be the same as his, it’s enough to remind me of home.


Because it is 2018 and nothing matters, the AMS has decided that it would help us all to forget that we’re miserable and stressed out of our minds by having a get together where they spend $15,000 so that students can break a Guinness World Record.

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