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He is extremely well-accomplished in almost everything, but I am still toiling hard to complete my degree. Our difference in strengths can be overwhelming sometimes. Do partners always have to be doing equally well to have a successful relationship?

My Christmas break was good … until I got my marks back. I’ve failed one of my classes and it actually matters because I’m in third year and this was a required course. I’ll need to take it again, but I don’t want to be the old person in the class.

“Yoga at UBC where there is a huge community — there is also a lack of community,” Chan said. “So I’ve started to encourage teachers to talk more to members after class and create that sense of community.”

UBC football, after struggling for most of the millennium, turned its luck around with the help of coach Blake Nill and the 13th Man Foundation. After a solid '90s, the performance of Thunderbirds began to take a downturn, only to recover in 2015.

By the time my final exam was rolling around, I'd had enough of staring out of the windows of Koerner Library, trying to make out the mountains through the rain and the clouds. After some quick googling, we decided to head to Hollyburn Mountain.

IGNITE! Youth Panel invites young Vancouverites to join their meetings. Located in the Cultch, the motivated youth gather weekly to share their ideas and get a hands-on opportunity to produce the next annual IGNITE! Youth Arts Festival in May 2016.

While you were binge watching all the Netflix you had to catch up with after finals and eating piles of holiday cookies, some of the UBC Thunderbirds were keeping busy. Men's basketball and volleyball hit the road, competing in a combined four games.

All of UBC and UBC Okanagan's academic and non-academic discipline reports from 1996-2015 are available online for your perusal. They range from your standard forged medical note to elaborate, ostentatious and sometimes horrifically stupid ideas.

2015 was a big year for sports and recreation at UBC. From varsity athletes to video games and rec team names, there was plenty of drama, blood, sweat and tears this past year. Here are our 15 defining sports moments of the year.

The first term is over, so it's time for The Ubyssey's annual mid-year report card. We've taken a look at every varsity team that has played since our last report card and graded their performances. Agree with our marks?

The website's creators will not be pursuing commercial revenue — they just hope it will serve as a streamlined method of textbook exchange for students to buy and sell. Less than a week after the launch, hundreds of textbooks are up for sale.

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