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Run to McDonald’s. Or A&W. Or Triple O’s. When you have that cheeseburger craving, which I promise you will, just run there and you won’t feel as guilty in indulging in a 600-calorie burger chalk-full of chemicals.

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The city itself continues to be plagued by slick conditions. If struggling to acclimatize is making the jump back into school that much trickier, hopefully this guide to the cold and the snow can help.


Consider submitting your work to one (or more!) of the numerous student-run academic journals here at UBC. They're a great opportunity to gain experience within the world of academic publishing and read some great essays.


The Totem Forest is a tranquil sanctuary tucked away from the commotion of campus life. Wandering among the fragrant cedar trees is a great way to de-stress — but nature-lovers may notice a sanctuary dedicated to a different kind of relaxation.

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Do you ever find yourself looking for new recipes online? Look no further than some of the best food bloggers to follow that publish their recipes online for free. With a variety of cheap, easy or intricate recipes, these bloggers have it all.

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