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I want to invite you to have an awkward first date with yourself at least once a day. Take five minutes to stop whatever you’re doing and genuinely ask yourself how you feel. Treat it like you’re on a first date with someone you’re really excited to get to know.

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I remember him waking up, and I remember how quickly he kissed me, like it was a habit, like it was breathing.

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And I realized that we could love each other and have a platonic, intimate friendship. The kind where you can talk nonstop without worrying about making a fool of yourself. The kind you’re willing to put ahead of boyfriends and girlfriends when the other gets their heart broken. The kind people write books and make movies about.

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Communication is an essential part of any kink dynamic. Healthy domination and submission dynamics rely heavily on trust and openness which allow partners to feel comfortable exploring sensations during a scene and to discover each other intimately.

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Although expansive, the internet can also be a deceptive resource. When it comes to the more complicated aspects of sex — such as mature communication, kinks or healing from trauma — it can be helpful to interact with trusted experts and community members.

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If you get cold sores, you have herpes. If you get cold sores, you have herpes. If you get cold sores, you have herpes. There, I said it.

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I’ve only known him for two months, but it feels like a lifetime. These drives from point A to point B are really the only time we spend as just the two of us, but I feel safe with him in ways that I don’t feel around people who I’ve known 10, 20, 100 times longer.

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We often connect intimacy with sex, but it doesn’t have to be. The pressure for intimacy to be sexual can create unrealistic and unhealthy expectations in a relationship when you should only do what you feel comfortable with.

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