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by stephanie wu mind your mind

But I like to have good grades, and I always weigh the pros and cons carefully inside my head. Do I not show up to office hours and risk having a mediocre grade? Or do I suck it up, show up and potentially increase my chances of scoring an A?

protest in barcelona

When I told my mother I managed to get a spot at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona for a term abroad, that the first thing she said back to me — congratulations aside — was “My son, do not get yourself mixed up in local politics.”

women of colour in workplaces

As an employer, as well as a university that hosts various social justice-based clubs, groups, and services, UBC needs to join the conversation. We need to talk about how social justice communities are failing women of colour, losing valuable talent and causing harm within the same populations they aim to serve.

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