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The AMS Sustainable Action Plan (ASAP) outlines how your student society will improve its sustainability going forward. Besides outlining how the AMS will practice sustainability, it also states the AMS’s commitment to ethical and sustainable purchasing, including guidelines for licensees, contractors and employers.

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We’re in the final stretch of the semester and oh boy, is it hard. Homesickness is starting to hit and you’re just starting to realize that the elective you took for an easy A is dragging your average way down. It’s slump city.

Rekindlin — web — Anya Anber Ameen

In the Indigenous world, storytelling is how we know everything we know. Knowledge passed down from generation to generation, changing and evolving as the world does, too.

Rekindlin — web — Anya Anber Ameen

While I myself am still learning about myself and what it means for me to fit in, I would and will never hide the fact that I am mixed.


Wearing my regalia after years of the pandemic keeping us from gathering and celebrating our culture together was a powerful experience.

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