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Although several groups have tried and failed to create the graphene superconductor based on this model, the researchers were able to achieve the feat in a high vacuum environment (an area without air) at an extremely low temperature of -268°C.


In the middle of campus there’s a small, unremarkable, concrete building with one locked glass door on its northwest corner labeled ‘Clean Energy Research Centre’. You’d never guess it’s home to one of Canada’s largest fuel-cell research groups, working internationally with major industry and science partners to bring fuel cell technologies to market.


In a recent study published in the Nature, UBC researcher Michele Koppes and her team compared glaciers in northern Patagonia and in the western Antarctic Peninsula.


Cochrane’s current research involves examining the specific molecular interactions that happen in the interfaces of organic semiconductors through scanning tunnelling microscopy, a type of microscopy used to image surfaces of tiny structures. She said that, since scientists currently have limited knowledge in this particular area, her goal is to determine the how interfaces can yield the most effective results.


Recent research conducted at the UBC School of Audiology and Speech Sciences shows that teething toys can affect a baby's auditory perception because the movement of a baby’s tongue plays a role in what sounds babies can distinguish between.


A team of international scientists, including a biology professor from UBCO, have discovered that there are two species of giant tortoises living on the Santa Cruz island in the Galapagos, in contrast to the one that had previously been identified.

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