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Newly single? Long-term single? Not sure how to adapt to the fast-paced world of internet speed dating? Afraid of failure? Afraid of success? Well here are The Dingbat Dirtbag’s surefire tips to change things — even if it’s not for the better.

20230130 i janmohamed weird guy-2

Last Tuesday, reports obtained by The Ubyssey showed that you’ve been totally weird recently, man. Eyewitness accounts state that your vibe has totally shifted the last couple weeks and that you’re kind of freaking everybody out.

20230130 a mcelroy spooky gym

It’s January 30. You’re going to the ARC for the first time because your new year’s resolution was to actually bulk instead of just saying ‘it’s bulking season’ every time you eat. How do you show that you’re not like the other new years newbies while simultaneously outclassing the 6 a.m. rise and grind crowd?

20220910 i janmohamed ubyssey office

A month into 2023 and it feels like it has been a year already! To celebrate the upcoming year of laugh and love, and mourn the past year of whatever the opposite of laughs and love is, Ubyssey blog put together a list of our ins and outs for the year.

28122022 j dobbin bog ghosts

At the UBC Board of Governors annual Christmas spa night, merriment and joy were in full swing. The recent tuition increase was going to do many good things for the school (we can’t think of any right now, but that’s beside the point), and the Board was being rewarded with a bigger holiday party than had ever taken place at the Norman MacKenzie house.

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