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The bulk of the money raised will go towards a new Interventional Operating Room (OR) for Vancouver General Hospital. This purchase will have an impact on the functionality of UBC Hospital by increasing the organization of surgeries between the two hospitals.

A second protest against the tuition hikes was held by students last week, this time in the form of a teach-in. The teach-in was organized by the Social Justice Club (SJC) and featured two speakers.

The campaign faces resistance already. CUPE 116, the workers’ union representing nearly 2000 support staff on campus, opposes this campaign. The union says that the campaign risks negatively effecting people working for UBC Food Services, especially students working part time.

“I think it’s great to try and aim for equity and representation, especially in places like government,” said Jennifer Berdahl, professor of gender and diversity in leadership at Sauder. “But it really depends on the motivations for doing it and how it’s done.”

For over a decade, students, journalists, privacy agencies, community members and MLAs have lobbied for legislative change that would prevent UBC from using an accountability gap to shelter what are widely considered public documents. "This year we’ve made a very hard push with the government," said Crasta. "It’s a very dangerous avenue for public bodies to go down, creating these shell corporations to enclose information away from public eyes."

TEDx events are independently organized, TED-affiliated programs that “help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences,” according to the TED website. In this case, UBC’s Terry Project is taking the initiative in organizing a UBC version of the famous conferences.

Shapira was a former helicopter pilot in the Israeli Air Force who resigned in 2003. Along with 26 other former pilots, Shapira petitioned the Israeli government for an end to the military occupation of Palestine. Since then, he has been actively involved in providing humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

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