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With environmental crises looming and big agri-business impacting our everyday lives on an unprecedented scale, the politics of food is an important emerging field. Much has been written on concerns ranging from the national to the agricultural and the personal. But a literal analysis of national food politics is unprecedented — so dare I ask a more pressing question?

Blanket Drive

While volunteering at The Door is Open’s Sunday soup kitchen, the members of the organization encouraged him to sit down, converse, eat, and most importantly listen to the stories of homeless individuals. The most important part of their work, he said, is to be compassionate and humanize to those who are more often than not ignored on a daily basis.


Soft Haze is another talented band whose independent roots and coherent sound exceeds expectations, though Bommes is too humble to admit it.


“I think we’re at the point where you go from it being a connecting tool to it being an isolating thing,” said Khan. “We don’t really relate to each other as much because we’re not looking at each other’s realities.”

MOA taiwan exhibit (COURTESY)

Featuring seven Taiwanese artists and working in a variety of mediums from puppetry and sculpture to video and installation, the (In)Visible exhibit offers a unique experience of eccentricity and ingenuity, spirituality and magic, the divine and the unexplainable, the contemporary and modern through the craftsmanship and culture of Taiwan.

Social Studies Tricia Cooper

This narrative forms the basis of playwright and actress Trish Cooper’s play, Social Studies. The script was inspired by Cooper’s own experience, when her mother adopted a Sudanese “Lost Boy”. The play follows a family in Winnipeg, who adopt a Sudanese refugee, as they navigate their cultural differences.


Where’d the time go? With the holidays and end of term approaching, it’s time for a good old fashioned get together with all your friends whom you can’t bear the thought of parting with for winter break. And what's better than a potluck when you all want to gather over some food?

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