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Charmingly decorated with over 100 lanterns, including flowers, bees and jars, the event featured a wide range of activities for students and community members to participate in and reflect on how they connect to the garden space from creative festival activities, to lantern exhibits.


Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Christmas Shopping. Boxing Day Sales. New Year’s Eve party tickets. In an expensive time of year for a lot of people in Vancouver, and it’s the time that many companies rely on to increase revenue. Ironically, non-profit organizations face the same sort of “make it or break it” situation in a final effort for donations.


With environmental crises looming and big agri-business impacting our everyday lives on an unprecedented scale, the politics of food is an important emerging field. Much has been written on concerns ranging from the national to the agricultural and the personal. But a literal analysis of national food politics is unprecedented — so dare I ask a more pressing question?

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