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“Yoga at UBC where there is a huge community — there is also a lack of community,” Chan said. “So I’ve started to encourage teachers to talk more to members after class and create that sense of community.”


IGNITE! Youth Panel invites young Vancouverites to join their meetings. Located in the Cultch, the motivated youth gather weekly to share their ideas and get a hands-on opportunity to produce the next annual IGNITE! Youth Arts Festival in May 2016.


There’s a lot of pressure on the month of January to magically produce new habits, commitments, and even whole new selves. Whether or not they eventually come to fruition, what matters is starting the year by reflecting on things that matter to you.


This documentary is a raw portrayal of the young activist — her life as a child in Pakistan and her incredible story of survival and victory. On January 12, representatives of The Citizens Foundation (TCF) organized a screening of the documentary.


With full-frontal genitalia, erections and even actual sex featuring increasingly in film, this explicitness in presentation has caused critical consternation and accusations that such film narratives are borderline pornographic.

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